Prototyping Process

To translate ideas into tangible interactive prototypes and installations, we work in close collaboration with our clients, and use an iterative approach; we make, evaluate and improve. The process described below is repeated several times, starting with hand-made prototypes that can quickly be tried, and depending on the project finishing with production-ready electronics designs.

System Design
For any project we will first create a system design. Together with the client, we decide what the system will do exactly, and then determine how best to achieve this.
Based on the clients ideas, we select the proper sensors, actuators, processors and other hardware.

PCB Design and Prototyping
To connect all system components, we design a Printed Circuit Board.
We can make rapid prototypes of Printed Circuit Boards in house. This allows us to quickly iterate on our electronics design. For larger quantities we have suppliers that are able to produce the PCBs on a larger scale.

Software Development
Finally, to make the system work, we develop the software that control the sensors and actuators, and makes all elements work together.

Our PCB mill allows us to quickly create PCBs and test them.

The design of a Printed Circuit Board (PCB) for one of our projects.