Along with the generic design and prototyping skills, Interactive Matter specialises in Sensing, Light Control and Wireless communication.

We have experience with a large variety of sensors that we can implement. Using these, we are able to measure position, movement, touch, distance and many other aspects.

Wireless communication
Many projects require wireless communication between system components. We can make things communicate over a large variety of different network types such as Bluetooth, WiFi but also create custom wireless networks depending on the requirements for a project.

Light Control
We are able to control both LED as well as conventional lighting such as incandescent or halogen bulbs. Depending on the project, we use commercially available armatures, or build our own. Similarly, we can control light through commercial protocols such as DMX, but also control light sources directly using various sorts of drivers and dimmers.

Light Control of 54 RGB light sources that illuminated a set of refractive tubes

Examples of some of the wireless communication technologies that we use. Shown here are Bluetooth, WiFi and a low-level Radio Frequency communication unit.