Light Installations

Interactive Matter designs and creates permanent and temporary lighting installations.

We are able to control both LED as well as conventional lighting such as incandescent or halogen bulbs. Depending on the project, we use commercially available armatures, or build our own.
We can control light through commercial protocols such as DMX, but also control light sources directly using various sorts of drivers and dimmers.

One of our specialties is in the creation of light behaviour that is based on natural rather than technical principles.

  See some Example Projects  


Milkyway is an interactive lighting installation built for an event in which light-jockey and djs together cotrol the lighting.


The Sunstrips performed during an event organized by Stichting Kattekwaad. Using the custom built controllers, Lightjockey and DJ were together able to parametrically manipulate different animations over the installation.

Tangible Candlelight

A table-for-two with a touch. The soft warm lighting at the end of table behaves like a set of candles that die out over time; by resting your arms on the table, you recharge the candles and illuminate the dining experience.

Zevenheuvelen Nacht

Trees filled with animated LED Bars that are triggered by music, illuminate a dark forest road on which a running competition is held at night.