Vita is a musical device for people suffering from dementia. Together with the care staff or their loved ones, they can touch VITAs surfaces, rendering sounds that are familiar to them. Through the online portal, care personnel and family can record and upload sounds, and easily manage which sound are available[…]

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Cooler Master Casing

Cooler Master is one of the leading manufacturers of PC casings, fans and peripherals. Interactive Matter was asked to create a concept prototype exploiting the possibilities of modern LED lighting for their casings department. The animations featured on the various lighting elements dynamically reflect relevant configurable PC properties such as[…]

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Physical Interaction

Kiki Van Eijk designed a series of lamps that can be controlled through Physical Interaction. Interactive Matter has designed and crafted the electronics inside these art pieces that allows the lights to be controlled through innovative interactions. Various sensors with smart dataprocessing allowed us to sense interactions like touch, blowing,[…]

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