Garden Lighting

As part of the new Headquarters, the surrounding gardens were designed with interactive lighting installations.

The main sculpture consists of a ribbon of 36 custom sculpted rocks with dynamic lighting inside. Additionally an illuminated logo and fountain were created.
The design and fabrication of the sculptures was done by Admar van Schalen. The garden was designed by van Mierlo Tuinen.

Interactive Matter was tasked with developing a control system for all lighting in the garden, providing orchestrated light animations over the rocks, the logo and the fountain.

Each of the rocks contain 16 individually addressable RGBAW Power LEDS, providing the opportunity to create animation within the rocks, as part of the overall animations between the rocks. The logo also contains addressable LEDs within each of the letters, while the fountain can be illuminated per level.

Several parametric animations were created, ranging from waves over the rock ribbon, to raindrops and virtual clouds blowing over the garden.
Through a custom control portal, the people at can control the animation parameters, control the general behaviour of the lighting system, and create schedules for the different elements.
A custom wireless sensor network detects motion in the garden, triggering special effects in the animations, whilst at the same time the current weather conditions influence the animation parameters to reflect the outdoor conditions in the interactive installation.