Based on the experience with the Beleefkamer project, a new iteration on the concept was created, called Ekko. Again, the room serves to stimulate reminiscence and communication for elderly with dementia, based on personal video content. The space can offer them a place of comfort and recognition of old memories, while also suggesting new subjects based on the users viewing history and preferences. Compared to the Beleefkamer, Ekko includes a learning algorithm not only showing residents their own curated content, but also similar videos or a combination of content for multiple users.

For Ekko we designed and created the video recommendation algorithm as well as the full technical setup including content management system, presence detection, remote controller for playback and ambient light system.

This project was initiated from the Pleyade Innovation Team, consisting of care givers from Pleyade, Luckt, Holland Art Group, Interactive Matter and De Bende Rotterdam.