Miniministerie van de Toekomst

The ‘Miniministerie van de Toekomst’ (Mini Ministry for the Future) is an interactive installation commissioned by a the Board of Government Advisors and designed by Verveeld � Verward and Hugo Nagtzaam.

The installation consists of a boardroom in which visitors can share their view on the future through interactive terminals. In the terminals, visitors link themselves to people from the future, and by adjusting parameters of policy adjust how the future will look for their ‘avatar’.

Their selected future avatar then appears in a projection on the ceiling looking down on them. After completing the session, visitors receive a printout with their selected avatar, and the future scenario that was selected based on their input.


Interactive Matter created all the electronics for the installation, including the interactive terminals with sliders and apps, the interactive projection and printing system.

The installation was first displayed at the Dutch Design Week 2023.