Avans New Economies

Instead of ordinary research publications, the Sustainable Strategy and Innovation (SSI) professorship at Avans Hogeschool is moving towards event-based presentations and discussion of their research subjects. In order to create a dialogue with society, we were asked to create a set of ‘Vox Populi’ devices where participants can give their input on various statements.

Four devices are created; a slider, force buttons, an audio recorder and an RFID-based voting grid. Each of the devices drops a question and visitors can indicate if they agree or disagree to a statement, how important specific subjects are to them, speak up they own voice and distribute values on a subject. Data can be submitted anonymously or with a personal tag for more active followers.  All data is collected in a local server, which also includes a ‘management’ portal for interaction adjustments and data collection. The objects are made to be re-used for various events with different statements.