Coöperatie Installatie

Coöperatie Installatie by Enlightens (Mies Loogman), commissioned by Eindhoven Museum, 2018.

This machine allows visitors to experience the need, needfulness and pleasure of co-operation, based on the corporate co-operation of companies like Etos, Boerenleenbank (now Rabobank), DAF and Friesland-Campina that helped shape the cultural identity of Eindhoven.

Two people are needed in order to play a small quiz. Once all questions are are answered correctly the visitor is rewarded with a prize. This can either be a button dispensed through the ball dispenser, or the chance to look at one of the museum objects hidden inside the machine.

For this installation we developed both electronic and mechanical aspects as well as the embedded software. The machine includes light and audio effects, as well a custom ball dispensing mechanism and moving curtains. Visitors interact with the machine by rotating a handle on the side of the machine, questions can be answered with the arcade style buttons, and finally a small touch screen display is used to gather visitor information.