SAM the Table-bot

Sam the table-bot is a companion that lives in the living rooms of elderly care facilities. It is intended to stimulate spontaneous behaviour at the dinner table and encourage a more vivid and social behaviour to the people who live there. SAM was developed, tested and evaluated in cooperation with Luckt and De Riethorst Stromenland (now Mijzo). Different from other projects, Interactive Matter was involved in the process from the early ideating stages of the project, using the experiences from previous projects and expertise from researchers & caregivers, to improve the living spaces in care-homes.

SAM consists of two spheres, sensitive to motion, touch and connected with each other. If they are neglected, they ask for attention using sound or vibration, if they are jealous, they will let you know. Hungry for attention and eager to be touched, SAM uses tactive interactions to create its own personality.

More information can be found at Mijzo.